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My name is Paul Nordini, and for twenty years, I have represented thousands of spouses and parents in some of the most difficult divorce and custody cases.  Over the course of my career, I realized that no matter how much you try to prepare yourself for your divorce or custody case, and no matter who you retain as your lawyer, there are problems in the process that plague the family law system, make it more expensive, and generally encourage the fighting and litigation. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

Over the years, I have found ways to make the process more affordable and have created this website to explain things that only divorce lawyers and judges know. Having this information will better prepare you and will allow you to make better decisions in your case.  When you are better informed, your lawyer can better assist you and help you navigate the complex and often times confusing nature of a divorce or custody law.

Everyone has heard of the "bloodbath" divorce or custody case that is often whispered between friends.  You can avoid a messy divorce by making the right decisions early in the case. Doing what you should do, and avoiding what you shouldn't do is not always intuitive in divorce-land.  However, the articles on this webpage will provide you with the information necessary to assist you in making some of your most important decisions.  

Yes, you can avoid an ugly divorce or custody battle.  Simply making the right decisions early in your case, will save you from paying a lawyer more later or having to file bankruptcy at the end of your case.  Unfortunately, many spouses and parents don't have this information leaving them to piece together what's left of their family, their money, and their sanity at the end of the case.

I offer a same-day free phone consultation.  There is no time limit on the initial consultation.  In this phone consultation, you'll receive some initial advice, be provided with an explanation of the process and get your questions answered.  For more information about your free consultation, click here.

I'm glad you found me.  Let me show you how to make your case less uncomfortable and more affordable.

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