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How to Pick a Lawyer

People are stunned when I tell them many of my clients didn't hire me initially, but came back to my office after having selected the wrong lawyer at the beginning of their case.  Many of these clients say, "I came back because you were the only one that told me the truth, but I didn't want to believe it."


The reality is that many spouses and parents get frustrated with their case being delayed, the appearance that their lawyer doesn't care, or their lawyer burned through their retainer within a week.


Unfortunately, many spouses and parents feel pressured to hire a lawyer quickly and they often make a poor choice because of the emotional overlay and time constraints.

If you're looking to make your divorce affordable and getting it done relatively quickly there are attorneys that you should avoid.  The top considerations are as follows:


1.  Avoid offices with a large staff, associate attorneys, and have an office that simply looks expensive.  All of these things cost money, and you're the one thats going to help pay for it.  These offices have zero motivation to bill you the minimum possible. 


2.  Avoid old and crusty lawyers that seem like that are not the type that are open to change or wanting to explore new ideas on how to approach a divorce.  The current system is old fashioned and designed to cost you a lot of money.  Look for dynamic lawyers that know how to skirt the old-school way of doing a divorce.

3. Avoid lawyers that market too hard and too much.  These guys are desperate, and usually have a large office and massive overhead that they are tying to satisfy on a monthly basis.  You will find these lawyers on social media, posting videos, and some even have taken the time to write a book on divorce to portray themselves as the "expert."  The reality is that most people don't go out and buy a book for their spouse to see, so it's essentially an elaborate marketing plan.

4.  Avoid lawyers that charge you for that first consultation.  These lawyers are fishing for money when the first visit should be about whether or not you want to hire that lawyer, and whether that lawyer would want you as their client.  Imagine having to pay money to window shop at a store.  

5. Avoid lawyers that cannot promise that they will be the only lawyer working on your case.  Otherwise, you will soon find your family in the hands of a lawyer with very limited experience, or maybe none at all.

6.  And lastly, avoid lawyers that you just don't get a good feel for over the phone.  Your "gut instinct" is an accumulation of your experiences that have created your inner voice.  Trust your inner voice.

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