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Holistic Divorce

A holistic divorce is an affordable way toward resolution without the normal costs and expense of litigation.  Most cases (nearly 95%) of all cases settle, so it makes little sense to pay a lot of money for litigation, when ultimately both spouses will want to settle on fair terms.  

Because divorce and custody cases can be messy and very litigious, lawyers have been programed for decades to only handle a divorce case in a certain way that requires you to pay a large retainer, and when that runs out, your lawyer will demand more large payments making your case unaffordable. Why should you pay to prepare your case for a trial, when that's not likely going to happen?

A holistic approach is better suited for spouses and parents that want their case completed without spending tens of thousands of dollars for senseless court dates. 


A holistic approach to your divorce starts out by finding a cooperative attorney that is willing to put his or her financial needs aside and consider the needs of you and your family.  Your lawyer should approach every issue in your case in a manner that attempts to avoid court. 

Mr. Nordini's holistic approach offers full-representation at a fraction of the price that you would pay for the old-school heavy billing way of managing your divorce.

Mr. Nordini can provide you with advice on how to best bring your case to resolution, even if there are issues in contention about finances or custody. A holistic approach requires a lawyer be knowledgeable about time tested strategy tactics that work under all circumstances.  

What you'll find with a holistic approach is a calm process that is both affordable and knowing resolution is achievable no matter the circumstances.  

Mr. Nordini has handled thousands of cases using time tested holistic methods to avoid the divorce machine that tends to ruin families and their finances.  You can call Mr. Nordini today to inquire if his approach is a good fit for you.  

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