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The 5 Day Divorce Option

How long a case takes varies under the circumstances.  Spouses that want to know this elusive answer usually believe that a fast case is going to be less expensive, which is only the case with an uncontested divorce.  Our office offers a 5 day process for spouses in need of quick turn around to complete their case.  

Generally, it usually takes a few weeks to a few months to prepare all the documents necessary to complete a divorce with minimal disagreement between the spouses. While a 5 day divorce is possible, these types of cases require that both spouses have their agreement done in advance so that the lawyer can draft quickly. While wanting an uncontested case and pushing for a fast process only invites frustration and could result litigation, it is possible to get a divorce completed very quickly.

The best way to approach your divorce case is to have a general idea of what you and your spouse are willing to agree upon and to send that outline to our office for drafting purposes.  Then your final divorce documents will be prepared within 1-2 days for review and signatures.

If you and your spouse have not yet discussed settlement terms, those cases tend to take about 2-3 months using a holistic / settlement approach.  Less time, if your and your spouse have discussed a divorce and have agreed to most (or all) of the settlement terms.  Your lawyer should be able to guide you through any issues that you and your spouse have not yet discussed.

Ultimately, you want to avoid the standard "old-school" approach to your divorce if you are concerned about how long it will take.  The current "OG" system is riddled with permissive delays and litigation tactics that take time and costs more money. 

If you like to discuss with Paul Nordini the ability to fast-track your case with a holistic  and settlement minded approach, call now for your free consultation.  

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