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How Much Will This Cost?


Mr. Nordini sets the Initial Retainer so that spouses can better afford having a lawyer.  They are generally set on the anticipated work and services required over the next 30 days.  Call Mr. Nordini to discuss your case and to receive a customized quote that's both affordable and allows you to secure a lawyer today for your case.

Mr. Nordini also offers flat fee services and payment plans for spouses of modest means.


Mr. Nordini's fees are 30% to 50% less than their spouse's attorney or their prior attorney.  This savings is not by accident. Don't be fooled by low hourly rates. Lawyers purposefully set rates low to attract clientele, without telling them what's really important.


There are a few ways that Mr. Nordini saves money for his clientele.


1) Mr. Nordini only uses a "real time" billing practice.  Meaning, he only documents the actual time that he's working on your file.  How does that work?

Well, most attorneys will bill over an hour for just a simple motion as if they were typing out that motion on an old-fashion electric typewriter.  Differently, Mr. Nordini only bills you the time it takes him to revise a similar motion that  he has already saved on his computer. 


Mr. Nordini doesn't take advantage of his clients by using technology against them.  So, instead of billing a client 1.7 hours to prepare a motion, that work for Mr. Nordini may only be 4/10s  or 1/2 of an hour.

2) Mr. Nordini doesn't have minimum billing requirements for specific services.  Some lawyers bill minimums for court, or phone calls, or maybe an email.  Very differently, Mr. Nordini tracks his time in increments of 0.1 of an hour (six minutes).  So, if you have a lawyer that bills one full hour for court, no matter what, that's a problem.  This gets very expensive and often times, court could be only be 30 minutes or sometimes less.  Other lawyers charge .25 (fifteen minutes) for phone calls, when some calls are only a few moments.  

3) Mr. Nordini places importance on when and where to file your case.  It matters who files first and where you file your case.  You can read more about where to file by clicking here. To fully understand why filing first matters, click here.

How Mr. Nordini practices usually adds up to thousands of dollars saved over the span of an entire case.  So, it's important to have a fee sensitive lawyer that tracks his or her time with what's called a "light pencil" than another lawyer that bills with what's been coined a "heavy pen." 

If you want to talk to Mr. Nordini on how you can save money on your case. Call for your free phone consultation. 

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