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How Much Will This Cost?


The initial phone consultation is free, and Mr Nordini does not place a time limit on consultation. If you later decide to hire Mr. Nordini, he will customize a reduced retainer option for your particular case and circumstances.


Mr. Nordini sets the initial retainer in a way so that spouses and parents can better afford representation. Call Mr. Nordini to discuss your case and to receive a customized quote that's both affordable and allows you to secure a lawyer today for your case.

Standard Retainer in Chicagoland Area:  $3,000 to $5,000


Nordini Law Group Retainer:                   $1,500

Mr. Nordini also offers flat fee services for uncontested cases.  If you and your spouse are in agreement on all terms, a flat fee limits the amount you will spend on your case.  No hourly fees to worry about.


Flat fee: 

DuPage and Kane County:   $1,500.00 (plus court costs)

Cook, Kendall, Will Counties: $1,750.00  (plus court costs)


Click Here for more information about uncontested Flat Fee Divorce.


There are a few ways that Mr. Nordini saves money for his clientele.


1) Mr. Nordini only uses a "real time" billing practice.  Meaning, he only documents the actual time that he's working on your file. 

2) Mr. Nordini sets reasonable initial retainers.

3) Mr. Nordini doesn't require minimum billing requirements for specific services.  Some lawyers bill minimums for court (one hour) or phone calls (1/2 hour).

4) Mr. Nordini places importance on when and where to file your case.  It matters who files first and where you file your case.  You can read more about where to file by clicking here. To fully understand why filing first matters, click here.

5) Mr. Nordini doe not bill for photocopies, postage, or charge a monthly administration fee.

These savings  can add up to thousands of dollars over the span of an entire case.  So, it's important to have a fee sensitive lawyer that tracks his or her time with what's called a "light pencil" other than another lawyer that bills with what lawyers call a "heavy pen." 

If you want to talk to Mr. Nordini on how you can save money on your case. Call for your free phone consultation. 

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