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The initial consultation - Your best weapon to avoid high fees.


I offer a free, no pressure, unlimited time, initial phone consultation.  Within a few moments, you will have a better understanding of the process and likely outcome in your case.  You will not be asked or pressured to sign with our office. 


My office policy is that I would prefer you consider all of your options before retaining an attorney.  You should talk to at least three lawyers before making a decision on how to best move forward.


Be mindful that I do not accept everyone that wants to hire me, so the initial talk is a great way for me to get idea about your case, understand your goals and objectives, consider your concerns and intent, and give you good advice (whether you eventually hire me or not). 

Some key information that you will receive in your initial consultation:

1. What the right moves are. 

2. What the wrong moves are. 

3. What the smart moves are.

4. Helpful tips on how to get started.

5. The likely outcome of your case.

6. Ways to avoid attorney's fees.

7. How long the case will take.

8. Advice regarding debt and support.

9. Advice regarding how assets are divided; and

10. How best to handle disagreements about custody.

All of these issues are important and will better set your expectations on what you should expect from the process.  Call today for your free initial consultation.

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