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Uncooperative Spouse?

Lawyer's secret:   Dealing with an uncooperative spouse requires tact and know-how, otherwise, your case will get very expensive.


While many spouses have asked me about various types of grounds for a divorce, they were largely cases dealing with marital wrongdoing.  These cases can be problematic, but more so when a spouse will not cooperate with the divorce. 


An uncooperative spouse could easily delay a divorce case, which would make it more expensive.  Getting the other spouse to cooperate is essential because he or she would have to sign-off on various documents to finish the case in quick order.

There are many situations when you are dealing with an uncooperative spouse. Some spouses simply will not cooperate with the divorce process and argue at every turn. There are usually reasons why a spouse would be difficult, but mostly for the following:

(a) your spouse may have attributes of being narcissistic or have a personality disorder, either one of the various clustered disorders that can be diagnosed by a mental health care professional:


(b) some spouses have control issues or abusive (both verbally and or physically) to the extent that the divorce represents a loss of that control over you and a process over themselves;


(c) other spouses are jilted where cheating was involved in the marriage; these spouses generally seek to be vindicated and or validated in the process, which usually never works for them; and 

(d) your spouse may simply not want the divorce or not agree to it.  While you generally cannot stop a divorce, these types of spouses make it longer and more expensive than it has to be.  

If you find yourself with an uncooperative spouse, your best approach is to retain an attorney that knows how to handle such a spouse to either get them to be more cooperative, or knows the legal maneuvers to get around the difficult nature of your spouse to get the process done quickly.

Call Mr. Nordini today if you believe your spouse has a mental health issue that may impact the cost and expense of your divorce.

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