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How Quickly Can We File Your Case

How does one day sound?  The reality is that most cases can be filed in one day.  Many lawyers do not typically promote filing so quickly after talking to a lawyer, and there are some circumstances when a spouse may want to delay filing.  

The benefits of filing in one-day are as follows:

1. If there is a choice of venue or jurisdiction at risk, filing ASAP is very important.  Click here if you want to know more about whether you should file first.

2. Often, filing for a divorce has already been delayed for far too long.  Children are negatively impacted by constant bickering in the house.

3. Taking the first step is often difficult, and "ripping off the bandaid" is sometimes the best approach for some spouses.  

The downside to filing in one-day:

1. Lawyers will tend to charge more and bill more heavily when a client demands immediate action.  Expect higher costs in your case.

2. Being patient is important in a divorce case, because the system is not well designed to do things quickly.  If your expectations are not properly set at the beginning of the case, you will be disappointed with the process.

3.  Your choice of lawyer may be a mistake.  Spouses that act too quickly often make the most mistakes in their divorce.  Click here to learn more about how many spouses pick the wrong lawyer.

The reality is that there are some (but limited) circumstances where you should rush to file.  Please call Mr. Nordini to discuss whether or not you should rush to file your case.

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